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I also know a transgendered person who lives and works as a woman with complete success, but absolutely never wants to have sex reassignment surgery.She was born male and loves her male sexuality but feels completely female of mind.I met a transsexual once who went from male to female physically, but continued to live as a male.He was completely happy with his identity as a male, but plain and simply couldn't tolerate his male physical self.Transsexuals desire to change their bodies to become the opposite sex physically.

CBS News' Parvati Shallow and Alexander Trowbridge get sometimes conflicting advice on how to upgrade your digital dating etiquette.

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It is time for equality for people with a disability, join us, support each other, forgive them that ask questions and point fingers. The Mental Health Act recognizes our disability not as mental health disorders but as a disability we are born with.

The world does not yet understand the diversity or extent of the medical problems we face.

Sure, first dates can cause sweaty palms and jitters, but if you look at a first date for what it really is—and trust the One who loves you most to lead and guide you in the process—you may just find a new sense of confidence and peace inside. First Date Don’ts • Don’t let your past define you.