Sorm for updating multiple database records

23-Jul-2017 19:57

I tried to find a way to do this using Form View, but I couldn't find a way. Hey, I thought, it's just like a spreadsheet -- I'll just copy and paste the value I want to multiple cells in the same column! Access lets me select multiple cells for my "Paste" range, but when I do the actual paste, it just pastes the value into the first cell of the Paste range. Anyone know how to do what I want to do in Form or Datasheet view? There is a wizard that will help you with an update query - if you will have to learn them why not now. This walkthrough shows how to add code to save updates from more than one table.The dialog boxes and menu commands you see might differ from those described in Help depending on your active settings or the edition that you're using.This walkthrough creates a form that displays data from two related tables and shows how to edit records and save changes back to the database. When you drag tables from the Data Sources window onto a form, the code that's required to save data is automatically added.Any additional tables that are added to a form require the manual addition of this code.

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For more information, see Customizing Development Settings in Visual Studio.

Select all records then copy and paste them to excel. When finished (do not change the order of the columns).