Pros and cons of dating a divorcee

23-Dec-2017 00:57

Speaking from experience, our twenties are the ideal time to go out and date, have fun and travel, do what we want to do without being tied down.

A man with kids is definitely tied down, therefore, so are you if you are dating him.

It wasn't until I had a child of my own in my thirties that I preffered to be with a man with children and a past. Bottom line, if you like someone, give them a chance, kids or without kids, otherwise you never know what may have been.. Well, however, there are all sorts of situations to do with a man with kids besides just age and wisdom. And until I lived with the guy and his kids I didn't know why - because I really like kids.

Without past experiences, there are no learning experiences and a man without this may be as immature as a man in his early twenties when it comes to his own life. I am not saying to not give it a try because of age. But when you're living with someone else’s it's a whole different story.

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It is not the dissolution of the marriage that is the issue but the mechanism of grief that it triggers.

That said, I think a similar scenario can happen by trying to date someone who hasn't yet gotten over a previous partner who is still living.It’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you and give it a go or not.