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26-Jan-2018 16:46

We Sk8 is a perfect example of a rapper making it happen in the internet era.

Chris Backley is a native Angeleno writer/photographer that blogs about dating and happiness (mutually exclusive). In New York, people are always looking to make that million in the markets or VC. A., we write screenplays by pools, make movies, paint our feelings, downward dog our stress away, and plant organic gardens. In our view, it’s easier to move from New York to L. But make no mistake about it, one truth remains constant: dating in L. Drink: The Sazerac at Bar Stella or the mint tea at the Casbah Cafe.

Take it from a guy who’s spent 95% of his life on the West Coast, with a stint in the N. As far as “where to park,” Angelenos know all the secret parking spots just like Stefon knows all the hot clubs in Manhattan. The benefit to car culture is if you pick your date up from her apartment, you then have to drop her off at the end of the night.

PR guru Tara Sinnott departed these shores for the sunnier climes of Los Angeles last year and has found work there – but she remains frustratingly single, she has revealed.

At the end of last season’s “Insecure,” many viewers wondered if Issa Dee, the character played by series creator Issa Rae, had lost her mind after cheating on her long-suffering boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) — who then walked out on her.

I have spent the past two days on 12 different dating apps and, needless to say, I have become a significantly weirder person.

Wearing a baseball cap with the name of the show’s seedy apartment complex — The Dunes — sewn on the front, Ellis, 35, speaks candidly about the sexual politics that permeate the HBO comedy, now in its second season. When he signed on to do the show, Ellis knew there would be some nudity involved, but admits “there are days where I’m like, ‘Really? “I look very different on camera because of that,” he says.

We see Issa swiping away her loneliness on Tinder while Lawrence lets total strangers pick him up at the supermarket. Prior to “Insecure,” Ellis starred on BET’s “The Game” as Bryce Westbrook, the wide receiver draft pick from Stanford University, a character he describes as “super arrogant.” Ironically, Ellis says more guys come up to talk to him about Lawrence than the successful jock.

He’s also a former paramedic and an exquisite Oreo chef. This is the debut of his new column on Angel-City dating, L. And occasionally we really do surf Malibu in the morning and snowboard Big Bear in the afternoon — all those obnoxious L. Do: Shop for crafts at Reform School or re-enact World War II at the military Surplus Value Center.

Both represent a completely different brand, and both have a different way of conducting business. Turn on New York sports radio, you’ll get Mike Francesca screaming at the same caller for 10 minutes about Carmelo being a ball hog. A., Mason and Ireland will listen to some ridiculous claim about Kobe for eons, say “thank you for your viewpoint! We’re the culture that surfs, smokes pot, and drinks zinfandel — often all at the same time. So you can keep your subways and pizzas and we’ll keep our cars and sushi. Eat: The rotating locavore menu at Forage or the Vegan Chocolate Orange Cupcake at Lark Cake Shop.

Growing up I routinely checked my horoscope and judged the sign of every girl I had a crush on. I was hoping Align would reinvigorate that interest and it did to some extent.

Adult Friend Finder is at the top of most lists in terms of sex apps, and for good reason.… continue reading »

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